Item No.: LA05
Portable power station

This manual is to help you use the power station correctly; it does not represent any descriptions of the hardware and software configuration of the product. About the product configuration, please refer to the user manual or consult to the seller. Pictures in this manual are for reference only, if it doesn't match the actual, please in kind prevail.
Pure Sine Wave output
This power supply provides pure sine wave output and is compatible with AC electrical appliances (power <500W) that use standard sine waves to work. The efficiency of electrical appliances will be different from that of AC using sine waves, and it may even cause electrical appliances such as built-in motors. Motor appliances (such as fans, printers with motors, etc.) make a certain amount of working noise, which is a normal working phenomenon. This product is for emergency use only and cannot be used as a substitute for normal household AC. For long-term use of electrical appliances, please be sure to adopt the power supply specifications required by electrical appliances.
a) This product has built-in high-quality original lithium-ion battery, no memory effect, large capacity
and durable. But we still recommend the user uses it in the temperature of 10 C ~30 C to obtain the
optimal charging capacity;
b) In order to avoid interference, please try to stay away from TV, radio and other equipment while
c) Please disconnect the charging cable before storing if you don't use it for a long time;
d) Some portable electronic devices may need to be set in the charging mode before being charged.
For more information, please refer to the corresponding device manual;
e) In order to extend the service life (ithium battery), we suggest you to charge it within 3 months.